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BBC Research and Development Report Number 1994-12

Published 1994

R&D Report 1994-12 : A wideband absorber for television studios.
M.D.M. Baird
The acoustic treatment in BBC television studios has taken various forms to date, all of which have been relatively expensive, some of which provide inadequate absorption.
An investigation has been conducted into the possibilities of producing a new type of wideband absorber which, would be more economic, also taking installation time into account, than earlier designs.
This Report describes the absorption coefficient measurements made on various combinations of materials, from which a wideband sound absorber has been developed.
The absorber works efficiently between 50 Hz and 10kHz, is simple and easy to construct using readily available materials, and is fire resistant. The design lends itself, if necessary, to on-site fine tuning, and savings in the region of 50% can be achieved in terms of cost and space with respect to previous designs.

Year 1994
Language English
Collection bbc-rd-reports; additional_collections


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